Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Two dollars well spent

Last night I made a trip to the Dollarama for bristolboard - my eldest has a project on the go. I can't go into the dollar store and just get one item, so I came out with a few more. But hello, the best $2 of the lot? MY HANDWARMERS.

They are like mittens, only with the finger tips and thumb sticking out. My hands are cold from now until at least April. I can wear these and type with them and not be quite so chilly. I also wear either slippers or wool socks when I work too. Because I'm too cheap to turn the heat way up, and I keep it at 20.

Yesterday I was at RomConInc talking about Christmas Weddings as I kick off the release week of A CADENCE CREEK CHRISTMAS. There's a copy up for grabs, so head on over and leave a comment to enter.

What else is ongoing? I'm currently doing NaNo - but in a weird, roundabout way. The first portion of the month will be spent finishing my WIP - I need to update my word counter on the sidebar since I'm past the 30k mark now. And I'm finishing up copy edits for The House On Blackberry Hill today, so I can send them back to St. Martins. Rumour has it that line edits for The Texan's Baby are arriving this week too. :)  No rest for the wicked!

Have a good one - my break is just about over and I'm heading back to Jewell Cove, giving these words one last pass.