Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Okay, break's over!

The last few weeks I've been taking it easy. That's not to say I haven't been working, because I have. I've been working away on my newest book and I've been doing some admin and promo stuff. But I also haven't been really pushing myself. I've taken a few afternoons off. Had a nap a time or two. I simply haven't stressed about work because I needed the break. It's been really nice.

I can't do that forever though - not with my upcoming deadlines. Though the lower pressure work schedule *is* nice, I admit, and one day I'd like to be able to make that the norm. That's not this year, though, so now that I've had time to catch my breath, I need to regain a stricter focus. It makes me think of something Michelle Styles always says - talking to editors tends to concentrate minds, and yesterday I heard from my editor and off I go. :)

One of the things I found out was the release schedule for my upcoming trilogy of American. Since I'm about 14,000 words into the first one, it means I have to do some revision to those chapters before moving on because book 1 will be a Christmas book. At first I was like, "Oh man, really?" and then not long after I got excited because I LOVE writing Christmas stories and I could see some really great opportunities. I also came up with a new title just this morning. Forget "Cowboy In Charge". I think I'm going to tentatively title this one "A Cowboy For Christmas". What do you think?

Anyway, it's time to get serious now and so I'm starting with some #1k1hr sessions to keep me on task and also organized - the 15 min break between sessions is perfect for changing laundry around or doing other household jobs. :)

And I'll get on that. As soon as I finish my Pumpkin Spice Cappucino. :)

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