Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cowboys, Billionaires, Smart and Funny guys - it's all about the men.

Yesterday Barb Wallace and I had a rematch of our Cowboys Vs. Billionaires battle on Facebook. Neither of us tallied up likes or comments in the end, because I think we just had so much fun and appreciated the eye candy. Sometimes it really is just about the process. LOL  If you want to have a good gander at the pics, check out my Facebook Page and Barb's too.

I was also at The Pink Heart Society yesterday for Male on Monday and it was all about the smart and funny guy. I don't know about you, but smart and funny is pretty sexy so head on over and have a peek if you're so inclined.

What's new at the Alward zoo? My car is being undercoated today to avoid the rust monsters. In Alberta this wasn't much of an issue. But here in the Maritimes, vehicle rust is a way of life and since I just got my baby a year ago, I'm trying to keep her in good shape. :) And then there's the usual stuff - sports games and practices, drama, and kids who have a MUCH better social life than I do. Basically if you HAVE a social life, it's better than mine. That being said I really am a homebody, so last weekend when both girls were babysitting at the same time, it was a treat to just chill with the husband and catch up on watching Copper and sipping a few vodka and lemonades. :)

Meanwhile I need to get offline and get to work on my WIP! I was hoping to NaNo this year, but with the status of my current WIPS, I don't think the timing is going to work out very well. :( But that's okay. I'm having fun writing this new trilogy!

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