Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cover Reveal! Her Rancher Rescuer

Hey all - the blog's been a tad bit quiet the last week or so. It's been a bit crazy here. Between school work, extra-curricular activities, babysitting, a wedding out of town last weekend, and the revisions I'm working on.... well let's just say the To-Do list and my calendar are my closest friends. :) 

So in the interest of doing a quick catch-up, I'm reading "Make My Wish Come True" by Fiona Harper and LOVING it... there is so much that's relatable in this story, particularly if you have either sisters or children or BOTH.

I'm working on revisions to Treasure on Lilac Lane - my editor is particularly invaluable in this process and I know the story is going to be so much better for it. I'm also about 1/3 of the way through A Cowboy For Christmas, which is going to be the start of a new trilogy for Harlequin American. :) Both projects are pretty fun!

I caught a wee bit of flack last weekend too. You see, we went to my nephew's wedding, which was just about half-way between my place and my mom's (and where the rest of my family lives). Since my sister was going to be at the wedding, I made sure I had all the Christmas gifts bought and wrapped for that side of the family so that I don't have to mail them all next month (and considering the size and weight of my niece's present, that's a very good thing!). But yeah - getting ready for Christmas in October is bound to get you some comments. I can live with it. :)

Right - now on to the main point of my post (besides having a good catch-up!): a new cover! Drum roll please.....


Here it is, the cover for HER RANCHER RESCUER, (Feb 14) my first Harlequin American book and the last book in the Cadence Creek Cowboys series!