Monday, September 09, 2013

Organizing (and a lot of zucchini!)

Since I handed my book in on Friday, I've been a busy girl. When I get to be close to the end of a project, other stuff falls to the wayside. I usually end up with piles of stuff on my desk and a list of admin items which require my attention.

Add into that it's FALL. In the fall I always do a nesting thing. Things need to be organized, decluttered, prepared. This was the perfect weekend for that!

I bought my niece's Christmas present which was on sale this week. I also made a lasagna to have later this week when the schedule's a bit busier - me working, one kid has team tryouts every night except Friday. I cleaned out the fridge freezer, found NINE bananas and the girls made a triple batch of banana muffins, which I mostly froze in packs of six to have for lunches. I cleaned out the freezer yesterday and took inventory of what's in there, and we also made zucchini chocolate muffins, regular zucchini muffins (we had a lot of zucchini!) and an apple tart from my last bag of frozen apples and my last square of puff pastry. It was delicious. I can't claim the dinner last night, though - I had my RWA chapter meeting and came home to a lovely meal of Orange Ginger Chicken made by my youngest.

Today I'm making homemade salsa, and as more tomatoes ripen, I'll be canning more tomatoes. I picked a full half-bushel off our plants on Friday. I also picked 13 peppers, 12 of which I diced and froze. There are more to be picked.

And I'm working off my admin list including updating my site later this morning, sending out a newsletter, writing letters and more.

And I'm ridiculously happy about it.

Do you ever go through a period of needing to "organize"?

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