Friday, September 13, 2013

Being lazy

This week has been an odd week. After the euphoria of finishing and delivering my book last week, I marked this week for admin. However, on the personal front it turned out to be quite stressful. STUFF happened. It was mostly overcast and bleary. I think I have PMS. Let's just hasn't quite been The Brady Bunch around here.

By the end of yesterday we sort of turned a corner. Then this morning I finished the admin on my list with the exception of writing blog posts for promotion I've set up for my next release. The admin included the task of loading QuickBooks, entering all my info for the year-to-date, and then adding in the receipts etc. for the last two months. It was worth it when I got to see the pretty Profit and Loss Statement. It also included doing an Art Fact Sheet, filing, paying my quarterly taxes and organising all my author copies out of boxes and onto the new shelving units we bought and my husband put together. My basement looks much better!

So that brings me to this afternoon. It's FRIDAY. We're feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Gabrielle (which, if I'm understanding things correctly, is now post-tropical but still dumping a LOT of rain and making it very dark in my house). I tried to come up with interesting topics for my blog posts and my mind was blank.

I gave myself a break.

Instead I finished reading WHITNEY, MY LOVE and reviewed it on Goodreads. After that I decided a nap was in order, and I took one - nearly an hour. I basically had 2 hours of selfish indulgence and I don't feel the least bit sorry (in fact I think I'm a bit proud). The kids are home from school, and the big decision was whether to make Monster Cookies today or wait until tomorrow. Tonight we are planning on watching a movie and snacking on some potato crisp something-or-others and my beverage of choice will be wine. Maybe I'll give myself a facial. :) Maybe we'll ALL do facials (well, maybe not my husband, who will probably be killing zombies or something).

Sometimes you just need a lazy afternoon. :)

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