Monday, July 08, 2013

Oh Monday....

The weekend was scorching hot. We alternated time between trying NOT to roast inside and cooling off in the pool outside and lots of frosty drinks. I particularly felt sorry for our dog, who ended up with a hot spot on one of her front legs and has had to wear an inflatable collar to keep her from licking it as I put medication on it. We tried wrapping it, but she managed to get her teeth on the bandage and pulled it down so that she could get at the spot. So on went the collar. To compensate, we actually let her get in the pool for a few minutes each day to cool off. This is the first year we've done it, but with temps that were around 39-40 degrees, well, I took pity on her.

So now we're at Monday. I usually love Mondays. But this morning I was awakened earlier than the alarm, which made me grumpy. Then we got up and discovered ANTS in my kitchen. Thankfully not in the food but they had managed to get on my counter which made me totally freak out. I instantly started cleaning with vinegar water and got out the vacuum and did all the breakfast dishes up immediately so there was no food around while the husband did the exterminator thing. BLECH!

Then he had an unfortunate incident with our compost bin. Then he dropped something when he came inside and by the time he made a coffee he was wondering if he should just go to bed.

It started out as ONE OF THOSE DAYS.

But things are looking up. It's a bit cooler, with a soft, light rain falling, the house is empty of kids, and I'm about to dig into my WIP while he putters around.

And a fun thing for me is that I'm over at The Chocolate Box today talking about my five favourite hooks in stories - both reading and writing. :) Come on over and let me know your fave hooks!

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