Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Street Team

One of the things I'm doing this summer is forming a street team. There's been a lot of talk about street teams lately, both good and bad. I can see both sides of the coin, and so I thought long and hard about whether or not I wanted to do it and what form that the team would take.

I'm in the process now of picking 10 readers to form my team. I sent out a special newsletter asking for volunteers and the response was overwhelming! It did confirm that I have really awesome readers. Wow!

Most of all I want it to be fun. And for me, I want the team to operate much like I try to approach my own promotion. Not so much of "Buy my book!" shouting from the rooftops, but establishing connections and relationships - one reader at a time. Members are encouraged to retweet or share some of my social media posts, or post reviews, but in a very non-pressure way (no carpet bombing of the internet). They're also my boots on the ground, so to speak. They can request their local stores, reading groups or library add my book to their lists. They can recommend my books to a friend or colleague. They can leave copies of my books at their doctor's office, on the seat of the bus, or give one to a friend.

In return they'll get exclusive sneak peeks, free books, some swag...and hopefully make some connections of their own. I know I'm looking forward to knowing them better!

Stay frosty,


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