Tuesday, January 01, 2013


After a very long time blogging, I'm sort of excited and sort of sad to say that the blog is going to go silent, at least for the near future. I find I'm not blogging as much as I used to, and not putting up fresh material. As is the way with technology, I'm spending more of my social media time budget on newer, shinier programs - like twitter and facebook and pinterest.

I'm also giving my website a facelift, and so if you visit www.donnaalward.com you'll be able to get up to speed with what's happening with me and what new releases are heading your way, as well as other announcements coming soon on my "News" page. You can also find my author page on Facebook, where I do a lot of reader interaction, share cover squee, and all matter of things. :-) On twitter I'm @DonnaAlward, and I'm also on Pinterest.

Thanks for hanging with me here on the blog over the years, and I do hope you'll connect with me via another medium.