Monday, December 03, 2012

Getting Ready...

I had a fantastic weekend. I turned down a few invitations, which was disappointing but I felt necessary. I’ve been fairly stressed and got the feeling that I really needed to a) have a weekend without doing a lot of running and b) have a weekend where I got a lot done. Both of the invitations were to things that would have been fun – drinks at a friend’s house on Friday and then a day trip with another friend and her daughter on Saturday, so I kind of miss having done those things. But the end result tells me I made the right choice because the weekend was great.

On Friday my youngest didn’t have school, so we took a list, ran Christmas shopping errands and then treated ourselves to lunch at Moxie’s, which was delicious. On Friday night the girls and I snuggled up on the couch and watched one of my fave chick flicks and one that is somewhat Christmassy – The Holiday. It’s hard to be glum when Jack Black is singing Scroodleydoo.

Saturday I got up and made the family breakfast. Unfortunately that meant trying a new recipe for a shredded hashbrown thing that was, honestly, disgusting. Thankfully the youngest had scrambled some eggs and I made maple sausage patties. They were a new try for us, by a local biz and when they said lean they weren’t kidding. Not a drop of fat ended up in the pan, and they were delicious. So the meal wasn’t a total fail. Just the potatoes. Then the husband and I ran errands while the girls started cleaning. I got a price match on a recent purchase which was awesome, and then we picked up some K-Cups – I tried the Green Mountain Coffee Spicy Eggnog and it is GORGEOUS! Bought more. When we got home we had some lunch, finished cleaning the upstairs, and then spent the afternoon decorating the house and cleaning the downstairs as we went.

After supper the eldest had badminton practice, so youngest and I curled up and watched The Santa Clause.

Sunday was baking day. We made Chinese Chews, Chocolate Peanut Clusters, Gumdrop Cake, Chocolate Truffles (new recipe, TO DIE FOR), and 2 kinds of Chex Mix as well as a ham dinner for supper. There are a few more things to make, but we got a huge start on it. Some decorated shortbread, Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls and War Cake is all that’s required. And we watched White Christmas.

To top it off, my stress kind of melted away. Do you know I haven’t even been able to READ for about three weeks? My usual escape and…it just wasn’t working. But this weekend I finished one book and started another. It felt GOOOD.

Now I’m working this week on getting revisions done on Hideaway Hill so I can send it back to my agent. And doing laundry. And the second volleyball season is kicking off. But Christmas? Heck,  I got this. J

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