Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Start of a New Month - and NaNo

How on EARTH did it get to be November? Seriously? October has been a blur of writing, extra-curricular events, and general craziness. But I'm actually looking forward to a new month and it's starting off with some great things - like today being the release day of Sleigh Ride with the Rancher. And also the day that I get to pick up my new car! I'm pretty tickled about that because we've never had a brand new car before, we've always bought used. I can't wait. Though there's something a little sad about saying goodbye to my old truck. She's been a good girl and has seen us through camping trips and a drive across country when we moved. However I confess I'm looking forward to things like power windows. Power locks. And AWD. :-)

I'm putting the finishing touches on a book due TOMORROW (ack!) and also updating my site and doing up my newsletter. Stay tuned over the next few days as I am holding a great contest to celebrate the release of my Holiday Miracles book. There are a LOT of cool things happening this month in that regard and during the second half of the month I'll also be talking about my third FIRST RESPONDERS book, INTO THE FIRE, which releases on the 13th. In the meantime you can catch up with a few blog posts that have been up recently like my Male on Monday at the Pink Heart Society, and an interview I did for USA TODAY's HEA blog.

So now...about NaNo.

I wasn't going to do it this year. In years past I let Nov 1 come and go because rarely did I get to finish a book in a month. STUFF always got in the way. Stuff meaning not even distractions but other parts of my job. Like revisions landing, or copy edits, promo, or being mid-deadline and it just wasn't practical to start a new book when I still had half to write on the last. But in the last year or so I've realized that I CAN write a draft in a month and I do it fairly consistently now (note I said DRAFT). With using #1k1hr, 50,000 words in a month equals 12,500 words in a week, or 2500 words a day (because I don't write on the weekends). That's usually quite doable for me. And, as I'm finishing a project tomorrow, I decided what the heck. I'll NaNo, even if I'm officially starting the new project on the 5th.

My NaNo group is through my RWA chapter, where we keep each other super accountable and have lots of fun.

The thing is, NaNo is great for some people and not for others and that's okay. It certainly wasn't for me for a very long time. If you want to do it, great, but if not, don't sweat it. The most important thing is to get in the habit of writing, whether that's 7 days a week, 5 days, 3 days; 500 words or 1667 or 3000. Forward motion and FINISHING are key things and you don't need NaNo to do it.

But if you want to - groovy. You can even mini-NaNo which is 25000 words - still a good output for a month, by the way.

Anyway look for a new word count meter to show up on my sidebar soon, and stay tuned for details for my upcoming contest. Oh! And tomorrow I have a very special guest taking over the blog...

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