Thursday, November 15, 2012

Making the Rounds!

I've been making the rounds around cyberspace to celebrate the release of INTO THE FIRE!

Yesterday I did an interview with Kate Robbins. We talk a bit about the publishing biz and also about the new story - including an excerpt.

Today I'm visiting Nikki Duncan, asking about your thoughts on regrets. Do you have any? The heroine of INTO THE FIRE broke off her engagement to the hero three years before the story begins. Was that a mistake? There's also a copy of INTO THE FIRE up for grabs and during her weekend party I'm giving away a copy of SLEIGH RIDE WITH THE RANCHER - which, if you remember, is also out this month!

And once my pal Jenna is out of bed on the west coast, I'm hanging out with her with a special Thursday 13 post. You can find her blog HERE.

Meanwhile I'm making out a new to-do list so I can try to keep myself organized and on point. I'm starting to think I was crazy to NaNo this month - which reminds me, I need to update my word count meter...

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