Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Turkey Coma

I am full of turkey. My sister and brother in law and their dog came for the weekend and we ate...and ate...and ate. There was the Saturday afternoon "appetizer" of chicken wings - buffalo and salt and pepper and they were AWESOME. Then around 7 p.m. we had homemade pizza. We had bought snacks for playing cards but they stayed in the pantry as we were all too full to eat anything more. Then Sunday morning brought a big breakfast, and a snack around 1 or so to hold us through until Thanksgiving Dinner, which we ate around 5. My niece and nephews came for dinner - they'd been staying at the eldest's apartment for the weekend, so there were 9 of us to sit down and eat.

We had turkey, stuffing/dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, mashed sweet potatoes (and there was much complaining about having sweet potatoes instead of squash, so we went and picked up a squash and had that too), rolls, cranberry sauce, coleslaw, and pickles. I didn't have the squash or any rolls or pickles, and I was still really full. After we'd mostly cleaned up that mess, we *thought* we had room for dessert which was coffee and my sister had made a gingerbread cheesecake and I made a pumpkin pie for those who just can't imagine Thanksgiving without pie. The pie turned out great which was a relief because I have a history of not-so-good pumpkin pie.

We played cards. I had to take an antacid. I was so full I was really feeling a bit ill. And the funny thing is I didn't clean my plate either with dinner OR dessert.  My husband said that I was used to not eating as much so that was why I felt so rotten. I'm going with that. It sounds good.

Yesterday was a much lighter breakfast because we were having hot turkey sandwiches for lunch before everyone left for home. I enjoy this meal almost as much as the turkey dinner. Mmmm. It's one of two times a year that we dig out the deep fryer and make french fries and also buy white bread. Hot turkeys on whole grain just do not taste RIGHT. They were so good but again I wasn't able to finish everything on my plate!

Needless to say last night was a lighter meal - I made a turkey caesar salad and we had warmed up rolls with it.

Tonight we are taking a break and NOT having turkey. But tomorrow I expect it'll be turkey soup day. :-)


  1. Turkey curry! That's what I love the day (or week) after a turkey dinner. And sandwiches with turkey and stuffing... And turkey soup... Turkey risotto...

    Look what you did, Donna! It's more than two months to Christmas and I cannot be craving turkey yet! ;-)

  2. I make a casserole with noodles and veg and turkey that's a lot like a tettrazini but I don't have the cream soup so I am not making that tonight. Tomorrow will probably be turkey soup.

    Send me your recipe for turkey curry!