Friday, October 12, 2012


Revisions - tweaks, really - have gone back to my editor just in time for the weekend. I was up way too early this morning thanks to a kid with a nightmare, so I've taken it "easy" since hitting send.

Do you have a place where everything gets deposited? In our old house that used to be the top of the fridge. In my office it's on top of my printer. I ALWAYS have a pile of papers, magazines, things that need my attention... well, not today! It is GONE! I've cleared out whatever needed looking after, recycled, and organized. My office looks so much better! Then I read all the adverts that came yesterday and noted some sale items on my grocery list. Printed out directions for somewhere I need to go tomorrow, got my things ready to drop off to the library (also tomorrow). I just have to unload the dishwasher and tidy the kitchen a bit and things will be neater. The house still needs the weekly spit and polish, but things look SO much better when they are actually picked up and put away. My inbox is down to FOUR, too! And if I get my stuff done in the next half hour, I have about an hour to read. I'm hoping to finish my book this weekend.

Sunday is our 17th anniversary, but because things are crazy tomorrow, I think we're going to keep it low key at home. Which is fine by me!

Back on Monday - when I get the chance to get back to work on Beneath the Badge. :-)

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  1. Happy Anniversary tomorrow!

    A corner of my desk and my scanner are the places that collect too much stuff. I cleared off the scanner yesterday because I needed to use it. I cleared off my desk corner so I'd have a place for my current mss. It's a never ending cycle. Cluttered, cleared, cluttered, cleared.