Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Ups and Downs

Monday didn't start well. *Someone* stepped in dog poop this morning and didn't realize. Thankfully they took their shoes off in the entry and then put them on just before work, so any tracking of disgusting stuff was limited to the entry way and *ahem* into my office where *someone* waits for his drive to arrive. Not that we're mentioning any names. But I did have to scrub before 8 a.m. this morning, which is not the most stellar start to the week.

But it's been getting better since then. I finished my first #1k1hr, and I just had e-mail from my editor that Cooper and Mel's story (title still TBD, but A Cowboy To Come Home To on the sidebar) is approved and will be out in July 2013. This is my 20th project for Harlequin so that's a very nice number.

Now I'm off to change laundry around before doing another #1k1hr. It's grey and breezy and drizzly today, but we're not due to have massive effects from Hurricane Sandy. It looks like Tuesday/Wednesday will be heavier rain and winds, but not the same intensity as in the states. It'll likely put a damper on Halloween, though.

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