Thursday, October 25, 2012


This week has flown by. Between work and family, it's been pretty steady around here.

I started seeing the chiropractor for my hip, which has been good. I had an appt last Friday, one Tuesday, and have another tomorrow. Plus eldest had her monthly orthodontist appt yesterday morning.

I've been working on the novella and also doing other "admin" type things that have eaten up a fair bit of my time...the novella is supposed to go in to my editor next week-ish so I need to keep my butt moving on that! No rest for the wicked that way, and I will confess that waiting to hear back on 2 other projects is starting to play mind games with me and not in a good way.

Monday my eldest had a volleyball game. Tuesday the youngest had choir. Yesterday eldest had a volleyball game and youngest had band after school and then eldest had a dance, so it was a bit of bouncing around. Today youngest has her volleyball practice. There's no school tomorrow, but eldest is babysitting and then Saturday is badminton and more babysitting and a choir concert....followed by Sunday morning badminton.

It is cray cray I tell you!

And yet...I do love watching my kids participate in things they enjoy. Yesterday my youngest was offered a chance to play a second instrument in concert band as they are short  and have a surplus of her first instrument. Music is her "thing". She is really excited about trying something new. She'll still be playing flute in her class band and in flute ensemble, so she gets a chance to play both. And my eldest is the sporty one, and the next few weeks are going to be hairy but should let us know what's happening throughout most of the rest of the school year. Mainly if she's going to be playing 2 sports this winter or just one.

The one thing I'm getting very good at? Taking a book with me everywhere I go! It gives me an extra excuse to catch up on my reading!

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