Wednesday, October 03, 2012

And it's....gone

Yesterday I handed in my latest book. It's actually gone in early, which is awesome. It means I get an earlier start on projects that are upcoming and I feel less pressure when life gets in the way as it is surely apt to do in the next few months. October and the first 2 weeks of November are volleyball season. Then December is Christmas concerts and holiday prep. It's very busy, especially with the concerts as the youngest will have a school band concert and probably about 3 choir performances, and the eldest will also have her high school band concert.

It's my first book with my new editor, so I'm crossing my fingers that she likes it. And that revisions won't be too painful. :-) I'm sure there will be a few to help iron out some clunky bits or gaps or what not that I didn't see.

In the meantime, congrats to Shannon Grider who won my Newsletter Subscriber contest in September. I'm not holding a contest this month because next month it is going to be crazy - I've got a fab contest that is going to run all month long, and then I'm doing some major blog touring to celebrate BOTH my releases so there will be opportunities for you to win books all month long.

For the next day or two I'm catching up on "stuff" - updating my website should be done today, so be on the lookout for some new recipes and fun stuff there. I sent my monthly newsletter out yesterday and I have a list of the blogs I have left to write for next month's tour.

It all helps to cleanse the palate from the last book before I launch into the new one - the very last First Responders novella called Beneath The Badge.  If you want to stay up to date on all the Samhain releases and special events, they do have a newsletter. Actually - they have FOUR! Newsletters for New Releases, Romance, Horror, and Retro Romance are all available. You can sign up using this form.

But first - it's a gorgeously warm fall day and I have laundry ready to hang on the line!

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