Friday, September 14, 2012

Exposed, Rejected...and Simon Cowell

I've admittedly been a bit ranty this week. My last blog post was ranty about exclusivity - and one mom I ran into summed it up perfectly when she said that September is a harder month financially than Christmas.

Then yesterday there was my facebook post where I expressed a firm opinion on the breach of etiquette around FB spam - mainly the practice of people auto adding you to groups without the benefit of an invite. Main message? Don't do it. There's a reason why there's an invite button.

Today I'm not going to be ranty. I'm just...concerned. And the moment I watched Britney Spears on the X Factor last night I knew I was going to write about it. When I got up this morning, two more stories were front and centre in my internet world which really got me thinking about the sense of entitlement some people feel to insert themselves in someone else's life - and what constitutes an invasion of privacy.

So the big news from the Royals today is that there are photos of the Duchess of Cambridge topless. At first impulse, it's tempting to say, "If you don't want to be photographed that way, leave your clothes on." I mean look at Prince Harry's Vegas thing. Seriously security dudes, why on earth weren't all the cell phones confiscated at the door?

But Will and Kate were vacationing. In a private home. By a private pool. And the photos were taken with a long lens - meaning it's not like she was anywhere near a public place taking off her bikini. She was enjoying some time poolside with her husband. Invasion of privacy? YOU BET. A journo made the comment that she can't even shop on the High Street anymore, because she'd have to worry about cameras in the change rooms. 

This morning I also logged on to news of a literary agent being assaulted at her home. Why? Because she gave someone a rejection. Apparently this person thought that entitled them to invade her privacy, find out where she lived, and cause her bodily harm. Oh. My. God. She's okay, but you tell me - what's she going to think of everytime she rejects someone's novel????

Now on to Britney. You know, I've never been a huge Brit fan. I thought WTH when she was signed for the XFactor. Turns out I think she's going to be very good at it. Also turns out this might be really good for establishing credibility. Last night I saw proof of why some celebs might actually go off the rails from time to time. The reality of how they live looks nothing like OUR reality. They have to deal with THIS:

What on earth was she going to do? She can't encourage him because he's crazy. She can't be too discouraging because....he's crazy. She can't remove herself from the situation because this is HER JOB. And yeah, I know they ramped it up with the music and stuff but seriously? I was SO CREEPED OUT. And as much as I think Simon can be a knob, last night he and LA totally manned up and took over. LA by encouraging this guy to leave the stage and Simon by intervening with the flowers. Because when this guy says "That's all you've got for me? No?" I'm squirming. And when he asks if he can take her the flowers, I'm thinking "O M G - do not let this guy within 10 feet of her."

This is the reality of HER life.

Why do people feel such a sense of entitlement? Does privacy have any meaning once you enter certain visible professions?


  1. Phew - I've never been tempted to watch the X Factor before, and never will now. I'd like to think cynical editing made this look worse than it actually was, but the bare facts were horrible enough.

    Poor Britney. And, with reference to your opening remarks, poor Duke & Duchess of Cambridge. He must be haunted by what happened to his mother, and to see the same prurient interest in his wife must be sickening.

  2. I think the Internet has taken a lot of our privacy away, and social media makes it too easy for people (in general) to find us and create these weird connections. It isn't just with 'big name' celebs. What happened to that agent gives me the willies, and it's why I don't location tag anything near my actual home. It's a sad fact of life, now, that we have to be on guard.

  3. Crazy world we live in. I hope they're able to lay criminal charges in the Kate Middleton situation - and to everyone who reposts the pics. Sickening. What is wrong with people?

  4. Years ago when Paula Abdul was still an American Idol judge, some guy came in with an audition song that he'd written all about her. That was even creepier and there wasn't the same distance between him and the judges' table. I think Simon stepped in then, too.