Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Christmas - Already?

So the good news is my sister and brother in law are coming down for Thanksgiving (which is early October here in Canada). That's exciting because we always have a lot of fun. There will be much eating of food and playing of cards for sure. Their kids - grown - are coming too but staying with the oldest who lives about 30 min from here, and then everyone coming for dinner. It'll be a time. I will need to get a good sized turkey since there will be 10 of us for dinner, and four of those are big men.

Then I was talking to my mom last night - my step dad had surgery and got home so we were catching up - and we were chatting about it and I realized....

I need to get my Christmas presents for my family sorted so I can send them with my sister at Thanksgiving.

I'll see my family over the holiday, but maybe not until after Dec 25, which means I have to get prezzies up there somehow. This is the perfect opportunity. But ACK! It means on top of everything else, I'm going to be CHRISTMAS SHOPPING.

I normally try to start early so I don't get mobbed at the mall in late November/December, because I'm not a big shopper. Nor do I enjoy crowds and trying to find a parking spot. BUT this feels rather early indeed to try to figure out WHAT I'm going to get everyone. And to be wrapping. And thinking about if I'm going to tuck something homemade into the presents.

So tell me - is Christmas a bad word for you this early, or do you get a jump start on your shopping?


  1. I always start early--not purposely but over the course of the summer etc if I see something that would be right for someone, I get it and set it aside in a special "holding box" LOL because too many times it has happened that I go back for it later during the actual Christmas season and can't find it or anything as good.

  2. I believe present shopping should be spontaneous. In other words, I procrastinate. Not to the point of shopping on Christmas Eve (tho I have done that), but seldom starting before the first of December. I don't have a long list and those on my list are of a like mind: we don't really need anything. It's a perk of getting older. The next generation are grown but haven't started their families yet, so no kiddies to shop for and that's what makes present shopping fun.