Thursday, September 20, 2012


Like anything else in life, the only thing that is guaranteed is change. A few weeks ago I found out that there would be a change in my writing part of my life - my fantastic editor Sally Williamson has been promoted and as such, won't be my editor any longer.

Editor switches are part of the biz, and to be honest, we've been together five years and something close to fifteen books together.  It's surprising we haven't been switched already. Oddly enough, I half-jokingly said to the Executive Editor in London recently that she had better not take Sally from me or she was going to have to pry her from my fingers. Less than two months later...but in all seriousness, it's a fabulous opportunity for her and I'm very, very pleased.

But then there was a week or two of me waiting to find out who my new editor would be. Because hers is not the only staffing change in the office, I can't imagine the craziness of trying to sort it all out, but yesterday I found out that my new editor is Carly Byrne. I can now publicly confess that I was hoping it was one of two people and one of those people was Carly, so I'm very happy indeed. Carly worked with Sally on a bunch of my books and she's a cowboy lover so I'm sure we're going to have a right good time. :-)

Most of all, it's just good to KNOW. As with most things, it's that Not Knowing that fuels the anxiety and distractedness. Now it's full speed ahead, and it's no surprise that today's been the best writing day that I've had in over a week.

In fact, my hero is begging me to get back, since I kind of left him hanging!

Happy Thursday!

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