Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Castle (with spoilers)

I couldn't wait to watch last night's season opener of Castle. The closer it got, the more excited I was. I couldn't BELIEVE how they ended it last season. And I knew from different bits of buzz that it wasn't going to be a "we ended it with it looking like they were going to get together, but something's going to happen to stop it" thing. It had happened. When this season started, it would definitely be THE MORNING AFTER.

And yeah, I *may* have watched that final scene from last season on YouTube a few times before last night. :-)

So here's my brief take on last night's epi from a "when they get together it usually kills the show" kind of perspective.

We all know that the tension is what sells so when characters get the payoff a lot of the time the tension is just...gone. And a show tanks. But you have to balance that with just enough intimacy to keep readers interested. And did last night ever do that! Beckett in one of Castle's shirts bringing him coffee in bed...nice. The whole "I've got the whole day, what should we do?" thing - lovely. As viewers we are RIGHT THERE. Being interrupted by his mother and hung over daughter? Priceless.

And then when Castle is at HER apartment and they get interrupted? Well, in the words of Sheldon Cooper, it looked like they were never going to have coitus.

So then we're launched into the story again - aka who is out to kill Beckett and who killed her mother. She doesn't want to get involved. She's with Castle because she finally let go of the case. But a renewed sense of danger plunges her right back into the middle again. And she finds out who is behind the whole thing. Meanwhile they nearly get blown up (I was sad to see Tahmoh Penikett die, but dude that's what you get when you play a bad guy!) along with her assassin and Espo and Ryan sorta make up (gotta keep that bromance going).

But here's the big thing and I think maybe a lot of people missed it. And this is HUGE from a conflict POV for Beckett because it's buried in PLOT.

Beckett confronts the man who killed her mother. The man who has been behind this whole thing. Who ordered someone to kill her. This is the person she's hunted for YEARS. She has a gun on him. She's not a cop any longer. She can end it all right here.

And what does she do? She lies and says she has the file. She takes back the power by telling him that if something ever happens to her or someone she cares about, the whole truth will come out and she will ruin him.

Of course she does that. Because she's Kate and she can't kill someone in cold blood.

But there's a better reason and it's in the "someone she cares about" line. And here's the truth behind Kate's decision: she chose protecting Castle over the goal she's been working towards her whole adult life.  HE means more to her than justice.

We saw bits of this in the season finale last year when she tells Castle that Maddox got away but all she could think about was him. This time she put her money where her mouth was. She chose him.

And that, my friends, is HUGE. Action, humour, and some real emotion all in one episode. I can't say how this whole relationship is going to play out or what will happen to the show. But I'm sure going to enjoy finding out.

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