Friday, August 10, 2012

RWA Day 4- otherwise known as Glamour Day 1

The Friday of conference is always a BIG DAY. It's Harlequin Party day, the most awesome party on the planet. But other things happen too. Fi and I actually got a decent night's sleep and got up raring to go. We hit the conference breakfast for our daily dose of fruit and yogurt and discovered the wonder of chocolate chunk scones (bliss).

We went to the Harlequin Series Spotlight then, and heard about some of the changes coming both from a marketing angle and within the series themselves - like increased word counts for SuperRomance and Romantic Suspense, the addition of a new series, KISS, and cover rebranding that will be taking place across ALL series. Let me just say that the new covers look AWESOME! It was a really great session all done with an Olympic theme that was fun and also fun to look at (many thanks to whoever added the pic of Joe Manganiello whilst talking about heroes in the Nocturne series!).

After that I headed to the Harlequin signing, where I signed copies of THE REBEL RANCHER and got to sit next to Annie Burrows and her feather pen. It was great getting to know her a little better and we had a blast. I got to see some familiar faces, meet some new ones, and indulge in a few squee moments as I met Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Brenda Jackson and also Susan Mallery (and got a book signed) and RaeAnne Thayne (who didn't sign a book, because I'd already read it and thought it brilliant).

The luncheon on Friday was very good for conference food (no complaints here) and the speaker was fabulous - Robyn Carr had me laughing a little and crying a little and just plain proud to be a writer. THIS IS WHY I LOVE THE LUNCHEONS! I'm always inspired and warm and fuzzy! I came away from that talk with a bonafide girl crush. Robyn, you rock.

Then from 3-5 I headed to the RITA and GOLDEN HEART nominee reception. In keeping with the "champagne is the drink of RWA12" theme, I snagged a glass as I went in the door, and stayed away from the dessert table (still had a dress that I needed to fit into, thank you very much!). Everyone mingled for a while and then the certificates were presented. I sat with Sarah Morgan (who ended up being our category's winner!) and Trish Morey, who I just met this conference and who is a scream. Here the three of us are together after the ceremony was over!

And then it was back to the room to get ready for dinner and the Harlequin party. I felt so glam! Fi and I were all dressed up and we went outside to catch a cab to the Hyatt and ended up waiting with HQ CEO Donna Hayes, COO Craig Swinwood and VP Series Dianne Moggy, who commented on our dresses and especially Jennie Lucas's SHOES! (There are pics of those shoes on Fiona's blog I think!). We went to dinner at the Hyatt and Jennie ordered a bottle of champagne (naturally!) and then we were joined by Janette Kenney and Lynn Raye Harris. I totally got to be a Presents girl for the night, right down to ordering another bottle of bubbly (and our champagne had its own chair. True story). Then it was to the Harlequin party where we danced our butts off...

And I swear that we'd already claimed a table and put our clutch purses down and had been to the bar when it was made very clear that we were OBVIOUSLY the cool NORA herself (yes, I mean Nora Roberts and entourage) came and sat down!

And as usual, we closed the place down, caught a cab back to the Marriott, and after a quick soft drink at the bar, fell into bed.

Friday of conference just RULES.

One more post to come - about RITA day!

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  1. Sounds fab and better than the Oscars!