Monday, August 06, 2012

RWA Day 3

Day 3 - otherwise known as Thursday. There was breakfast this year on 2 of the conference days, so Fi and I were up and showered and ready to go at an obscene hour thanks to jetlag and filled up on fruit, yogurt, muffins and coffee.

After that we split up as I had the National Reader's Choice Awards. My agent was my "date" and I indulged in a mimosa. Since another of her clients, Christyne Butler, was up for the award as well, the three of us sat together. When it was over we had some extra time and we sat and chatted for a long time, which was awesome.

After that I met up with Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books for a podcast session that was SOOOO fun. You can listen to the result here - I start at about the 17 min mark.

Then it was lunch, and the keynote speaker, Stephanie Laurens. She spoke about the changes in the industry, how it's a good time to be an author, and gave an all-around thought provoking and inspiring address. You can read the text on her site.

From there it was to the Mills and Boon Meet and Greet, and then from there to the Romance line tea at The Cheesecake Factory. YUM! There were 10 of us there and we ordered 8 pieces of cheesecake so we could each get a taste of each kind - and we STILL couldn't finish it all. It was delicious! And a really lovely, relaxed few hours where 6 of us (authors) got to chat with our editors and also guest Dianne Moggy (VP of Series for HQ). The chance to get to know people better was just as good as the cheesecake!

Being conscious of fitting into dresses later in the week, Fiona, Barb and I walked back to the hotel in the sunshine. Then Fiona and I went for a late supper at Bubba Gump's - check out her blog for a detailed account of that and her mad Forrest Gump trivia skillz.

After that was the Harlequin PJ party. Here I am with HQ Community manager Jayne Hoogenberk and author Michelle Willingham. Poor Fiona was utterly exhausted by this time and somehow she managed to find her way back to the room in a zombie-like state. I followed 30 minutes later, and when I went inside she was already sound asleep! But both of us FINALLY got a good night's sleep and we woke up Friday morning, raring to go....


  1. So glad I got to run into you a few times ... but next time we're going to do dinner or something ... didn't get to see you enough!!

  2. I know. I wish we'd planned a meal to hang out!

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