Friday, July 20, 2012

Things to do before I'm 40....

This year marks that big ol' milestone of forty. To be's not fizzing me a bit. The thirties were great. I'm cruising right into forty, no worries.

A friend of mine suggested zip lining for my birthday. I told her I wasn't doing anything that required me to sign a waiver. I joked about that this week when the family was at Cape Enrage and we were watching the zip liners go screaming down the cable.

Bad move. Because guess what happened?

Yep. Our whole family - me, husband, and our kids - got strapped up into harnesses and away we went (That's me in the red brain bucket).

You have to understand that I'm terrified of heights. I don't even like being on the stepladder. So by the time I got to the top platform I was shaking. And very nearly crying. When the guy said "Just walk off the edge nice and easy," my comments was "easy for you to say!".

I held my breath, held on for dear life, and stepped.


We got three turns and I loved it! The second time was slightly more scary, I think I got a tail wind because I seemed to be going faster and when I hit the brake to slow me down I got quite a jerk. I also hit a dip in the middle that made my tummy go woozy. But what a rush! I'd totally do it again. The girls had a blast too.

The worst part for me was having to stand on the step ladder (LOL!) to get unhooked at the end - my knees were shaking! Which is silly. I go zooming down a cable no problem, stand on a 3 ft step ladder and feel like I'm going to fall.

Anyway here's some video! Have any of you tried it?


  1. OMG! I'm dizzy just watching how high up you were. I'm so afraid of heights. But, maybe I could handle 20 seconds. Lol.

  2. Where is this, Donna? We went ziplining at Treego in Moncton which was fun, but very exhausting because you do a lot of climbing in between each zipline. This looks like fun.

  3. It was at Cape Enrage, Julianne. The walk back up to the platform (and up all those stairs) made me realize I need to add stairs to my workout regime! But it was great. I'd like to try other ones now. There's a TreeGo at Upper Clements I think, and one just outside Fredericton too.

  4. I've not tried it [fear of heights]but it certainly was the hit of the Super Bowl in Indianapolis!!

  5. I LOVE that you went zip lining for your birthday! What a great thing to do :) I'm adding it to my list now too.

  6. I've got a couple of weeks until my birthday, Lacey, but I squeezed it in. It was a fab day! I think the actual birthday is going to feature friends, the pool, a barbecue, and probably frozen margaritas and pina coladas. Oh yeah - and CAKE! :-)