Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I've gotten some great reviews lately and so I thought I'd post a few links!

First up - Wendy the SuperLibrarian (who is made of awesome) reviewed both THE LAST REAL COWBOY and THE REBEL RANCHER.

For THE LAST REAL COWBOY, she said "These final heart-wrenching moments, with dialogue that just about made my heart beat out of my chest, really seal the happy ending. " You can read the whole review on SuperWendy's blog.

Her review of THE REBEL RANCHER went up yesterday and it is so fantastic it brought tears to my eyes because I really feel that she GOT who Ty and Clara really were. My favourite bit is "These two are so perfect for each other it's hard to think of one without the other." She also says that every choice I made was the right one - that's so fantastic. Check out the whole review, because it's fabulous!

Guilty Book Pleasures also reviewed THE LAST REAL COWBOY and rated it a true gem and gave it a 4.75/5! The reviewer noted: "I love books that take serious issues facing our world way to often and don’t gloss over the issue just to have a plot conflict." She also had great things to say about the backlist book (The Rancher's Runaway Princess) that was a bonus in this edition.

And Cataromance also reviewed THE LAST REAL COWBOY, saying that  "Award winning author Donna Alward spins an intriguing yarn filled with healing and romance." You can check out the whole review here.

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