Friday, June 22, 2012

New Look, Contest Winner and a "day off"

Hey all! In case you haven't noticed (?!) the blog has a new look. The awesome Kim Killion of Hot Damn Designs created my AWESOME banner for the First Responders series, and I've redecorated around here a little to be colour coordinated. The first book is already available, and the second and third ones are coming this summer and fall. I've also filled out all the info for my publisher regarding the print version - I'm just waiting for a release date. But I can tell you that OFF THE CLOCK and IN THE LINE OF DUTY are going to be in one volume together.

Thanks to Tanya Michaels who visited the blog this week! The winner of Tanya's books is Cathy Shouse, so I'm just waiting to hear from her with her information so Tanya can send out her prize.

Today I'm taking a day off. Yesterday I finished Sugar and Spice and I'm letting it "rest" for a day or two before launching back into it. I know there is one scene that is in the wrong point of view; I also need to do a little refining when it comes to character arcs. Letting it percolate and coming back with fresh eyes does wonders. So instead I have made rhubarb crisp, cooked potatoes for potato salad, put chicken to marinate in fresh herbs, folded towels, gone to the bank, picked up some groceries. As soon as I am done here, I am finishing a quick 10 minute sewing job and then I'm making jam with the berries I bought at the grocery store - local ones that arrived while I was shopping so I know they are super fresh! They were also on sale. So there's a quart saved for shortcake tomorrow night (along with the pork roast I bought to make pulled pork!) and the rest is for jam.

Have a wonderful weekend - back to the grindstone on Monday. :-)

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