Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday! Pass the coffee...

You know how sometimes you just get slammed with one of those weeks where there's just not enough coffee/chocolate/wine/xanax? That's been my week. Things just did NOT go as smoothly as they should have. And anyone who knows me at all knows I don't do well with things that are NOT written into my schedule. I think I've probably been a real gem this week. I should probably work over the weekend to make up for lost time, but seriously, I think my brain will be much better off if I unplug for a few days and come back Monday ready to hit it hard.

The good parts of this week? Getting a few new reviews that were very nice indeed, figuring out a key part of my current story (now if I could just get a good uninterrupted block of time to actually write it!), and watching my kids be amazing as the school year winds down. Oh yes and sunny weather and extra walks with the dog with the husband tagging along. I'd seriously planned for us all to be winding down for the summer together, but instead I'm lagging a few weeks behind. Oh well. Eventually it'll all come together. The pool and pina coladas are beckoning.

Have a great weekend - I have a feeling that a big feed of something rhubarb-ish is in my future, yum!


  1. Nothing better than the pool and pina coladas!!!

  2. ... unless it's rhubarb pie, Nikki! :)

    I hope your weekend brought you a sense of renewal and refreshment, Donna. Sometimes you just have to let your brain 'chill out' a while before you can get anything more out of it.