Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday Mish Mash

Today's a bit of a post of randomness of things I found particularly noteworthy today. First of all, like I really needed ANOTHER reason to love Nathan Fillion...I mean, my lunch break consisted of me youtubing the kiss scene from this season's finale of Castle...but then I got to this via Twitter: Nathan Fillion loves books

And then if you pop over to Dear Author you can read this article about a new line for Harlequin and a recap of the latest news from Entangled Publishing, including some great success for my good friend Barb Wallace. She totally deserves it.

For my own part, I've spent WAYYYY too much time trying to solve a band instrument issue (fingers crossed we've got it sorted now). And I've done laundry. And written a few words. But the best thing was talking to my agent yesterday about The House on Hideaway Hill and getting her feedback. There's work to be done but it's all GOOD work that is more building on things rather than tearing it apart per se. I am so excited about it, and can't wait to dive in, but I do have Sugar and Spice to finish up and I did manage to finally start a new chapter on that today.

But first - shoe shopping - for the Mister. Have a great weekend!

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