Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Sugar and Spice

I started a new book today. Opened up a fresh new document, double spaced it, and typed the words CHAPTER ONE.

I've got a very sweet but slightly uptight cupcake baker as a heroine. Her name is Avery Spencer and she's also legal guardian to her sister's infant daughter. As the story starts, she goes to tell the baby's father that, well, that he is a father!

Callum Shepard is an ex-soldier who has become a bit of a recluse. He's bought a small farm just southwest of Cadence Creek and for the most part he just wants to be left alone. He's gruff and a bit rude and more than a little cynical. He doesn't care much about keeping house or getting hair cuts at the moment. And he's not sure he believes that the baby is his.

And I added a picture because, well, can you really get too much of Anson Mount shirtless in Hell On Wheels? (note: he's going to be a little more clean cut by the end of the story. More's the pity).

Because the characters seem so incredible opposite to each other, I jokingly referred to this story on facebook the other day as "Sweet and Sour" but a reader suggested "Sugar and Spice" and I love that. I know it's not the kind of title that will stay through publication, but it certainly matches the cupcake idea (and my daughter has been coming up with all sorts of ideas for cupcakes that are sure to sabotage any weight loss efforts). And considering the baby is a sweet little girl named Nell, of course she's made of what all little girls are made of: sugar and spice and everything nice.

Besides, Avery is sweet but she's no pushover (the spicy part). So as a working title it actually suits very well.

I've already written most of the first chapter and I've had great fun with it. It's going to be fun seeing both of them grow and change throughout this story.

And the cupcakes are going to be good, too.


  1. Oh, you tease us. I want to see it on the shelves yesterday. ;)

  2. Oh Christy, I heart you. Fingers crossed it's one of those books sprinkled with fairy dust. Or perhaps confectioner's sugar. ;-)