Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sorry for radio silence...

Sorry the blog has been so quiet! Last week was crazy but the good news is I finally sent my single title manuscript and proposal to my agent. It's exciting - I've wanted to do this for a very long time - but also terrifying because I don't want it to suck. Currently I have another book to finish so I can't angst about it too much. What will be will be.

THEN we had a gorgeous long weekend. I mean seriously gorgeous - temps in the 20's (celcius of course) and brilliant sunshine. We mowed grass, weeded, planted raspberries and strawberries and hung hanging baskets and did up an herb planter, 2 urns for the front step and deck planters for the back deck. Our pool is nearly ready for the new season, and I sanded and spray painted the fire pit with high temp paint. I also read a book, watched a movie with the girls, sat on the deck and barbequed.

Now it's raining which is lovely as the dh fertilized the lawn last night. And I'm getting down to work. I have a few blog posts to write, used books to deliver to the school for their spring fundraiser, some word count, and a massive and shocking amount of filing to do.

So I'll leave you for now. But be sure to come back tomorrow as I have a very special guest appearing on the blog!

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