Monday, May 28, 2012

Nothing makes me happier than saving money

So the big news for me today is that I finally bought my plane tickets for Anaheim. I discovered a seat sale that saved me a couple hundred bucks - which is enough to pay for the extra night I'll be there. Going the day earlier means I can also fly into Orange County airport, which will also save me a bundle on cab fare.  Those two things mean that the extra day isn't really going to cost me anything extra at all - except another day away from the family.

The weekend was good and today I was ready to hit word count with a vengeance and boy did I! Over 4600 words today! Last week I'd done a jump cut to chapter four but this morning I realized that I needed to insert a few scenes and I ended up writing a whole NEW chapter four as well as a good portion of five. Go me! If I have a good writing week this week, it'll put me ahead of schedule on this book. Which is a good thing because I have edits on my last First Responders novella that could arrive any time in the next 2 months, as well as galleys for Sleigh Ride With The Rancher that I expect any day - and revisions on the Big Project from my agent in there too. The more I have done now, the less I'll be panicking towards the end of June.

In the meantime, I'm shifting gears into mom duties which include feeding the masses dinner in a few hours as well as some chauffeur duties.

Make sure you pop by on Wednesday too - there's another RITA finalist dropping by to say hi!

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