Friday, May 04, 2012

Fitness Friday: Adjust when you need to

Today's Fitness Friday post is about making adjustments in your workout when something just isn't working.

I have mentioned before that P90X is my "soul-mate" workout. I love it. But lately I've had trouble being consistent. The problem is time. My work day is short, so taking an hour to an hour and a half in the morning really cuts into the hours I have available for work. I find it increasingly hard to take that time late in the afternoon like I used to, because this year it seems kids are busier than ever and that's when I'm doing the most chauffeuring around - and usually running errands like going to the post office and grocery store at the same time (so as to not cut into my writing time). That block of time is really difficult. The time that was freeing up most for me was after 8:30 at night. Which meant that I was finishing a workout at 9:30 or 10, and then staying up until 11.

And that meant there were days that I simply ended up skipping workouts, which is NOT GOOD.

I also kind of missed working out with my husband.

Something had to give.

What we've done is, for the time being, gone back to doing Power 90 at 4:30 - I'm usually home from carting kids around by then and he's home from work. This workout is 45 minutes max, and that extra 15-30 minutes makes a HUGE difference. It's the difference between working out before having to make supper or doing it much later (with the potential of skipping). I haven't missed a single day and now after dinner we quite often take the dog for a walk. I love knowing that when we get back I have a little tidying to do but otherwise I can decompress and enjoy my evening.

As far as the workout goes, I am surprisingly stiff, which tells me that even with the "muscle confusion" principle in P90X, you still do get accustomed to doing the same moves and that changing it up can be GOOD! Am I finding Power 90 challenging? Not necessarily, but I am sweating a lot, I often do a faster pace than Tony does in some of the cardio, and I'm really working on form like going super deep into lunges and squats. I'm also probably a bit stiff because I HAVEN'T MISSED A DAY since we started.

That's the big key for me here. I'm hoping that on the weekends when time isn't so pressed, I'll still do a couple of my favourite P90X workouts for an extra burn. Like KenPo, Plyo, Fountain of Youth yoga, or even stretch to keep things long and limber.

It's okay to mix it up and adjust things as your life changes. What worked last year might not work so well this year. Heck, maybe we'll do Power 90 until school is out and then P90X in the summer when schedules are looser. If you're finding it increasingly difficult to find time or you're plateauing, try something different, like a different program, a different time of day, whatever. Because the goal is to keep going, and sometimes a simple adjustment can make all the difference.

Have a good weekend!

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