Sunday, April 22, 2012


The lovely Abby Green tagged me with a Sunshine Award - which means I get to share things I particularly love. I would have done this a few days ago, but I was busy finishing the first draft of my current project - which I finished late Friday night was so tired that I actually napped both yesterday and today.

But I'm hopefully better rested now so here are a bunch of things I love:

I love the smell of sheets fresh off the line, when you go to bed at night and it smells like outdoors and laundry detergent.

I also love the smell of wood smoke - particularly an outdoor fire. It makes me think of camping. And one of the best things about camping is sitting around a blazing fire making sticky s'mores or spider dogs and watching the sun go down.

I love a full-bodied red wine, and the smooth taste of dark chocolate.

I love a book that makes me laugh, cry, and turn the last page with a happy sigh.

I love the sound of a baby belly laugh. It is impossible to be grumpy when you hear a baby giggling uncontrollably. And the warm, cosy feel of a baby snuggled in, with their face pressed against your neck as they fall asleep.

I love driving in the yard and seeing my dog's face pop up in the window, waiting for me.

I love girlie days with my girls, watching movies, drinking hot cocoa, and snuggling under a blanket.

I love the very rare moments that the house is quiet and I get to spend time JUST with my husband.

I love floating in the pool with a Pina Colada and worrying about absolutely nothing.

Apple blossoms, fresh strawberries, maple leaves in autumn.

And several other things, but I'm already feeling quite warm and squishy. Oh wait! One more thing! I love RWA National Conference and knowing I get to share a room with the awesome Fiona Harper once more. So consider yourself tagged, Fi my darlin'.

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