Monday, April 02, 2012

March Book Roundup

I read a whopping four books in March. What can I say - it's been super hectic around here and averaging a book a week was pretty much a miracle.

First up was PUSH by Chalene Johnson - you can read my full review during one of my Fitness Friday posts a few weeks ago.

Then seeing as the Hunger Games movie release was coming soon, I gobbled up CATCHING FIRE and MOCKINGJAY. I loved Catching Fire. It was such a page turner, full of action and I finally got the allure of Peeta. In The Hunger Games I felt Gale was the stronger male character and Katniss was always looking after Peeta, but in Catching Fire I thought Peeta really came into his own, looking after Katniss and just in his own very special way. This was carried into Mockingjay, with several people realizing Peeta's importance. But Mockingjay was probably my least favourite of the books. I was still pulled along but if I had to pick one word to describe it, it is BLEAK. I knew what had to come and I knew it wasn't going to be pretty, but Collins REALLY put her characters through the wringer.

The one thing that confuses me is that I keep hearing that people don't want to read it because it doesn't have a happy ending. I thought it did. Maybe it was a hard-fought victory, and no one comes through without scars, but there is still a happy - or at least satsifying - ending. This is one series that I truly believe lived up to all the hype and then some. We're going to the movie this weekend and I can't wait.

And then the last book I read was AFTER THE KISS by Suzanne Enoch, another in the Notorious Gentlemen series. I have Always a Scoundrel waiting on my desk to read next. I had a harder time getting into AFTER THE KISS than I did in Before the Scandal but once I got to about the 1/2 way mark it really picked up. I really enjoy Enoch's writing and spunky heroines and unconventional heroes.

I'm also part way through THE HELP and finding it a slow read. Good, but slow.

What are you reading?

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  1. Congratulations on your Rita nomination. Hope the entire experience is a blast for you!