Thursday, March 01, 2012

Put to bed...

Today is one of those blah days where my motivation is at zip. A day where I busy myself with small jobs to feel like I've done SOMETHING when in truth I have the energy of a slug. BUT, I've posted the first lesson in my To Agent or Not To Agent course and chatted with some of the attendees, AND I've talked to my agent and also my editor who perked up my day by telling me that the copy edit changes I sent back yesterday are all good AND Sleigh Ride with the Rancher is also accepted - my revisions were fine.

It feels really good to have both those projects put to bed. And my WIPS word count meters on the side have been reduced substantially in the last few weeks. At one point I think there were five or six up there. Now we're down to...two.


Anyway I should actually go make some word count before the day gets away from me, AND I have to work on a blurb and art sheet that is giving me fits right now.

It's either that or...*shudders* the ironing.


  1. anything but ironing, Donna...

  2. What's an iron... i ron? who's ron and why does he i?