Monday, March 19, 2012


Spring has arrived - or at least, spring-like conditions have arrived a few days ahead of the 21st. We've had a few great sunny, warm days and just like every year, I get the urge to clean. Organize. Tidy.

I've also been feeling a bit burnt-out-ish lately - the last 6 months have been really, really busy without much let-up - granted I took a few weeks writing off at Christmas but then everyone was home and it was just as busy but in a different way.

And as a result - a little of the weight I lost and had been at least maintaining has managed to creep back on (about 5 lbs worth).

So purging sounds like a good idea. 

What am I purging? Well, for starters, yesterday we cleaned the house and I also cleaned a lot of stuff up in the basement. We also got 3 garbage bags ready for goodwill - we went through the kids clothes and took out anything that didn't fit and I also finally let go of a bunch of clothes in my closet - the "nice" clothes that were too big but that were dressier and hadn't been worn much. My penny-pincher side didn't want to let them go. But the side of me that never wants to be able to fit into them again put them in the bag. The bags are in the truck and today I'll drop them off. We got our bottle recycling ready too, and I sorted out foreign editions to donate to libraries - no sense in them taking up room in my basement.

There's a lot more purging to be done but it was a good start.

Today's task is a little more difficult - today I need to purge the  bad habits that have snuck back into my life. Taking a day off between workouts (even though I've been doing a lot of walking. It's not the same thing). Giving in to starch cravings (bread, bread, bread, pasta, bread...). A glass of wine during the week (weekend treat only!). Not drinking enough water.

Those changes are the difference between staying the same/gaining and staying the same/losing.

Do you do a spring purge? Have you had the urge to do a massive clean and organize things?

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  1. That sounds fabulous, Donna! If only there were enough hours in the day to do it all at once... I'm attempting to purge but it seems to be a never ending process at the moment :) Good luck with creating your new habits!