Friday, March 09, 2012

Fitness Friday: PUSH

The first book I read after finishing all my RITA reading is PUSH by Chalene Johnson. Chalene's involved with Beachbody and because I'm fairly active on their site and use their programs her name was familiar to me. I've been wanting to try TurboJam or Turbofire for a while now, and a friend of mine lent me some of the TurboJam dvds and also this book to try. No one wants to lay down a whole bunch of cash on a program they don't like.

I liked TurboJam, and found the lower body jam a bit easy to be honest, but then I was stiff the next morning so I think it worked more than it first appeared. I also liked that it was 30 min and not an hour - I'm not rushing out to buy it yet, but the big thing for me is liking the leadership of a workout. If I don't like to follow you I'm not going to care how awesome you'll make me. I have to want to spend 30 min or an hour with you. Which is why I didn't like 30 Day Shred. Jillian Michaels just isn't for me. Tony Horton rocks it all day long. Also why another one of my dvds is gathering dust. I tried it for something different one day and realized that you really want to work out with a buddy, not someone you want to reach through the tv and strangle (or mute!)

But back to the book - PUSH. Chalene has a great sense of humour and this is a book as much about success in life as it is about health and weight loss. There's a lot of talk about goals and prioritizing and lists which is right up my alley. There's less instruction on the mechanics of diet and exercise than there is on what Tony calls "getting your mind right". And I agree 100% with her distinction of the terms "On a diet" and "having a diet". I have a diet. I don't go ON diets. I also agree with her term "soul-mate workout" because that's what I find with P90X. It's why I always come back to it now, even if I take a few days off and do other stuff.

I was especially impressed with the chapter at the end on relationships. Seriously - this is a woman who has her $hit together. PUSH is about living your best life and not all about hitting your ideal weight.

If there is ONE thing that drove me bonkers (and it did!) it was the insistence on having a smart phone. Maybe I'm the only one on the planet who doesn't have one. But everything she insisted you do on your phone, you can do in other ways. It would drive me crazy to be attached to a phone all the time. Oddly enough, I don't seem to mind being attached to my computer. Maybe my phone phobia has to do with the few years my husband was attached to his blackberry...

Anyway, enough with the phone. I'm plugged in so much now that the idea of apps and stuff just...ick.  To me that doesn't simplify, that complicates, and I'm big into simplifying lately. Instead I have a notepad with the day's list for each day, and use my outlook calendar to keep things straight. It works for me.

But seriously - I don't want to scare you off with the phone thing. This book is really worth reading.


  1. Interesting book. I'm going to check it out, too. I need to organize my life more.
    I got an iPod touch. I does everything an iPhone does except interrupt you with phone calls, and doesn't cost $60+ a month. It works on WiFi so you're not 'connected' all the time. The calorie/exercise counter app I like best populates all my changes to the same app on my Nook Color and on the web site from my laptop. So it's easy to keep the counts up to date. I don't go ON diets anymore. I found that eating sensibly and keeping track works best for me. Plus I have 5 eReaders on my iPod (iBook, Bluefire, Stanza, Kindle, and Nook) ! +music, photos, email, web, etc,

  2. Sounds great. I may hafta give it a go soon. I've been into reading this sort of thing lately so it sounds right up my alley. ;-)

    Also, you're not the only one resisting the smart phone craze. I'm still a hold out, too. I'm much better at keeping lists that I can write than worrying with apps and junk. Plus, I like to be able to slash through something that I've completed. Deleting isn't the same. Not to mention that paper and pencil is cheaper.