Friday, March 30, 2012

Fitness Friday: The Last 20

Immediately after finding out I'd finalled in the RITAs, I realized 2 things. One, I was going to go to California - WOOO! And two, I was going to need a formal dress. More specifically, I think I said "I need to lose 20 lbs and find a dress.".

In the year and a half before last year's conference, I lost 35 lbs and the good news is I kept it off. The bad news is I really had 50-55 to lose. And for the last 9 months I have not lost any more. I did for a while - about 5 lbs, but it crept back on this winter, leaving me at the same weight as I was when I returned from New York last June.

Now, though, I really want those 20 gone.

There are a couple of good things about staying the same for the last year. I have managed to maintain, which is huge. And it's allowed my body to adjust, and sometimes when that happens, things move quicker when you finally do REALLY start trying to take off the rest.

The good thing is I don't have to make BIG adjustments - just small ones with a good dose of diligence. Here's the plan:

No more skipped workouts unless I'm sick. That means 6 days a week. P90X is my soul-mate workout, and it works out perfectly as a new "round" of it is 90 days which takes me until about mid-June.

Cut back on the wine. This is a tough one because we do make our own. But really, like other things, it should be a treat. I mean I KNOW red wine is good for me but it STILL has calories. So keep it for the weekend.

Watch my starch. This is a BIG THING. There is a lot of research about celiac disease and gluten intolerance.  Here's what I know, simply from listening to my own body. I don't  cut it out completely, but avoiding wheat/gluten reduces bloating and I replace those calories with veggies most of the time. When I eat starch, I keep it to a small baked potato or a whole grain, and if I can avoid gluten at the same time all the better. The whole family likes brown rice pasta, we also use whole wheat pasta and eat brown rice. We also LOVE glass noodles, which I use when I make Thai. I don't eat much bread, though now and again I'll have a whole wheat tortilla. But saving the starch for dinner seems to work best. It's either post or pre workout, and as we sit down as a family it is our most elaborate meal.

Realize I don't have to have a "little something" with my tea after dinner. Just the green tea is fine.

Reduce eating in the evening. If I'm really super hungry (for example, if we had a lighter dinner and/or I had an intense workout), make it a cheese string/half a dozen almonds.

Those are really all the adjustments I need to make. My diet doesn't require an overhaul. What it needs is diligence to keep extra starch portions from creeping in, and eliminating mindless eating.

And after just 3 days the first 1.6 lbs are gone - I don't count Monday because we celebrated with homemade pizza and yes, the husband and I toasted with some wine on Monday night.

What works for me probably won't work for everyone, but eating more veggies and eliminating mindless eating are good strategies for everyone, I think. As far as exercise, I think it's truly important to find something you LOVE and can commit to with excitement and not have it feel like a punishment.

Now, if I could just find a dress....


  1. Congrats on your RITA nomination, Donna! Have fun with dress shopping--you'll look beautiful!

  2. That's a good plan, Donna, you'll be svelte by convention time. That's a word we don't hear often enough. And you'll be beautiful in your new dress accepting your award!