Thursday, February 23, 2012


So yesterday I finished my revisions and sent them back - only things left on my list now are finishing the last 2 RITA books and getting my taxes together. However my office is a disaster area, so today is all about getting that in order. I know a lot of writers who end up tidying their offices after a book has gone in, and here I am. I think part of my...well, it's not really anxiety, maybe restlessness is a better way to put it...this week has been because I like an orderly workspace and it's been getting more cluttered every day. So that's top of the list.

Yesterday I had some great news - It looks like INTO THE FIRE will be on the 2012 schedule! That means IN THE LINE OF DUTY comes out mid-October and  INTO THE FIRE will be out either in November or December sometime - the exact date isn't nailed down, but that's okay. I'm really hugely pleased that they will be out so close together!


My editor sent me the cover for THE REBEL RANCHER. It comes in PDF and I cropped it and saved it as a jpg, but the color always changes in my program which is weird. So here it is, bearing in mind it's slightly lighter and sort of softer in reality. I adore it. I love the colours and I love the scene and the fact that Ty is almost kissing her. The covers for this duet are fantastic!

Now I'm off to get the day started...lots to do! I hate paperwork....

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