Wednesday, February 01, 2012

January, was that you?

Someone posted that today and I thought it particularly appropriate, since January now seems to be a blur. It was super productive and for that I'm glad. February and March aren't going to let up, so I'm counting my lucky stars that while crazy busy, I'm not yet freaked out (see yesterday's post).

I just finished my RWAC (local RWA chapter) bootcamp writing session, adding just over 1000 words to my story. But seeing as this is the first day of the month, there are also some admin tasks that need doing. If I can add another 1000 words today, I'll be very pleased. Unless revisions hit, this story will be ready to go to my editor at the end of next week.

So what's up today? Well, I'm looking at sending some materials to Romantic Times's BOOKSTORES THAT CARE program, so I've started the initial design. Problem is, I'm waiting for cover art for my May book, which I hope arrives soon since the April authors have theirs and some of the May lines do already as well. The back lists all my releases for this year. As of now, there are five plus one reprint. Three full novels, a novella and a short story in an anthology. 2012 is lookin' good. I can't wait to see covers and blurbs!

I'm about to update my site a bit (not drastically since I'm sans cover art) and also get a February newsletter ready to go.

AND I've got to send some info for a few other newsletters coming out soon.

Let's not forget Valentine's Day either. Later this month the Harlequin Romance Authors will be holding a fun contest on our site at , so stay tuned for those details. And right now, Susan Mallery is holding a Bouquet of Books contest where you can win a huge selection of Harlequin books (including one of mine!) and a Kindle Touch. You have to be a member to enter, but all that requires is an e-mail address signup. Check it out on her Members-Only page under "contests":

Anyway, Happy February. Right now I'm looking outside at snow falling and wishing we were heading somewhere with lots of sun and sandy beaches. Oh well. Maybe next year...

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