Friday, February 10, 2012

A Familiar Face and Love is in the Air!

So first up - I was out most of the day today, and missed posting a Fitness Friday post. I'll be back with it next week.

The kids and I just finished catching up on the first epis of The Voice. I love this show. There's tons of talent and the chemistry between the judges is awesome. I laugh a LOT. I listen to a lot of good music.

But tonight there was a familiar face on the screen. I kept thinking he looked familiar. My daughter said so too. And then she asked what his name was. I said Chris Mann. She freaked. She said, "Remember Mom? I had his picture on my computer."

Well, yes indeedy. I remembered going to his site and listening to his music. I don't remember what led me there, but I remember loving it. But then I forgot.

And then tonight I remembered.

And I visited his site. And I listened to his take on "Beautiful Life"  and realized I had another song for my playlist for the next book.

Anyway I can't wait until the next episode.

Before I dash off - it IS Friday night after all - I'm going to give you a link to an interview I did with Stephanie Beaumont, the awesome lady that runs the Sea and Be Scene website, which features talent in all forms from across Atlantic Canada. She interviewed me for "Love Month", and it was great fun. Check it out!

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