Monday, January 23, 2012

Off the Clock featured....

Off The Clock is featured today on Ereader Daily News. Check out the first book in my FIRST RESPONDERS series - the second is coming later this year(Oct 16 to be precise). Book 1 has a paramedic hero, and Book 2 features a cop heroine (In The Line of Duty)! And you can probably guess what profession is in Book 3, Into the Fire...

It's Monday, and I've spent the morning putting together my RWA chapter's newsletter....the previous editor was and is a whiz and made it look so pretty so it is big shoes to fill, but I just about have it licked!

And as it's Monday, it's also crazy day for extra curricular stuff, but only in the afternoon. Once we hit 6:30, all quiets down again. I wonder if we'll have time to watch Downton tonight?

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