Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Today is the official start of the New Year for me. Why? Because school is back in, the house is empty, and I'm back to work. The Christmas decorations came down yesterday, and I'm raring to go with the WIP which is due in just over a month.

Already this morning I've showered, had breakfast, tidied the kitchen after packing lunches, taken the eldest to her orthodontist appointment, walked the dog, had my favourite almond milk/protein powder/banana shake, ordered flowers for my mom's birthday, checked my e-mail, and put out the call for my first #1k1hr of the new year.

It was great sleeping in, having the downtime (because trying to structure any work with everyone home is a sure way to drive myself crazy) but boy am I happy to get back to the regular schedule!

I did some reading over the break and watched some movies too. In particular I enjoyed The King's Speech and Just Wright for movies and for books...well, the best one I read over the holidays was BEFORE THE SCANDAL by Suzanne Enoch.

As far as resolutions, I don't really make them - I make plans. I have a lot to get done this year so if there is any resolution at all, it's to keep the focus and maintain the productivity I saw through September - November. AND other than my RITA reading (which will start in a few weeks), this year I'm indulging myself and reading whatever grabs me from the shelf. Right now I'm reading Unveiled by Courtney Milan.

So happy new year...time for me to hit that deadline and give it what for!

What are your plans for the new year? Do you make resolutions?


  1. Anonymous12:52 p.m.

    Happy New Year, Donna.
    You're off to a good start.
    I say I won't make any resolutions, but it's hard not to want to start fresh in the new year. So, I have the usual, nothing-in-writing resolutions to lose weight and exercise more.
    I'm going to continue writing and studying and submitting. I have two MS out to two different publishers, and several other MS to polish up and send out. And more ideas. Seems I've spent the last couple of years revising, without taking time for some new stuff. So this year I'm going to balance that more. I miss that first creative spurt.
    Christy (who can't remember her google log in,eek)

  2. Happy New Year Donna. NYR's? To write more! I did very little last year. Just read Stephen King's "On Writing" and it has inspired me to write more. Caroline x