Friday, January 27, 2012

Fitness Friday: Ten Minute Trainer

Today I've giving a quick look at another Beachbody product, Ten Minute Trainer.

I got this for my husband for Christmas. Problem is, he gets home from work at 4:30, and if he doesn't workout before dinner, he's probably not going to. No one wants to work out right after they eat dinner and it's just too easy to NOT do it by the time it's 7:30 or 8 and you've put in a full day.

So the hour + of P90X just wasn't going to work for him.

I'd heard great things about 10 Minute Trainer and we've had great luck with Beachbody so far, so I ordered it up.

After 30 days I'm not sure if he's lost any weight - he doesn't weigh himself often. But I did notice that things seemed to be fitting better. And that's the only change he's made to his diet (other than watching portions a little bit more diligently). For my part, it wasn't enough. Not just on the scale but from a "feeling fit and fabulous" standpoint. So I've started another round of P90X and I'm glad - and now and again I'm doing 10 Minute Trainer with the husband in addition to my P90X workout. Major burn on those days...

Here's the skinny:

Ten Minute Trainer consists of 5 different 10 minute workouts: Cardio, Total Body, Lower Body, Abs, and Yoga. The training schedule gives you three options for each day - you can do one, two, or three segments so that your workout is 10, 20, or 30 minutes long.  There is a warm-up/cool-down option which adds 4 minutes to your time, and it's probably a good thing, but I find the 2 min warmup rushes through the moves so quickly it's not enough. (Not enough is probably my buzz word for this program).

The program works on the principle of stacking, aka moves that work multiple muscle groups for maximum benefit. And I can tell you that by the end of 10 minutes I'm pretty sweaty and out of breath (at least from cardio and total body, not so much from the other ones). You might only work for 10 minutes but you work HARD.

The ab workout is harder than P90X's Ab Ripper X in my opinion - and Ab Ripper X is hard. 10 Min Abs is probably my least favourite of the workouts because there are several exercises in a row where you start in plank and it's horribly hard on my arms and shoulders - more so than my abdominals. Alternating these exercises with ones in other positions would have worked great. Granted, I've got a bum shoulder right now which is making it harder - it's getting better but I'm having to lighten my weight and my pushups aren't as deep right now.

It's probably also the most complicated program we've done in terms of setup (though only for the cardio segment). You wear a band around your middle and have a resistance band anchored through a door hinge. Problem is, do you have a door in the right position to be able to follow the workout? Our basement is unfinished so there are NO doors and concrete walls. My dh bought anchors and actually drilled into the concrete to install a hook so this could work. You can do the workout WITHOUT using the band, of course, but the added resistance really amps things up.

Would I give it a buy? Yes. It's something the dh has stuck with for the last month, it's good when you're in a time crunch, and you DO work up a sweat.

But it's not my favourite Beachbody program. Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you want to look at it), I'm afraid I'm going to be a P90X girl for a long time.

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