Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's on your Christmas List?

Today the fabulous Sea and Be Scene site has a holiday feature asking "what's the best Christmas present you ever got?" It got me thinking about all the presents over the years, big and small, and how hard it was to pick just one. But I did, and you can read about the faves of lots of East Coast personalities.

Then a few minutes ago I saw a tweet asking what writers were asking for for Christmas. My list was small this year and not a whole lot writerly on it - except for some books. I asked for the George RR Martin Game of Thrones series. Otherwise, hopefully Santa is putting a new can opener beneath my tree. Seriously. I asked for a new can opener.

What's on your Christmas list? Practical or indulgent?


  1. A Nook and a bundt pan. Indulgent and practical.


  2. Years ago, the first book in the George RR Martin series was a giveaway to RWA conference goers. It was hardcover, too. I remember reading it when I was pregnant with my daughter and getting hooked on the series. I haven't seen the TV show since we don't get that channel, but the books are fantastic. I hope Santa grants that request of yours!

    Hubby and I don't exchange gifts (buy for giving trees, adopt a family, etc, instead) so I have nothing on my Christmas list. Though I hope to find a little chocolate in my stocking!