Friday, December 09, 2011


We're hard core Christmas here this week. Tuesday I did most of the shopping, Wednesday I picked up the last little things and did a mess of wrapping before heading to the youngest's Christmas concert. It was our last elementary school holiday concert which might be sad except the parking and chaos is particularly insane at the elementary school and I'm not going to miss that. :-)

Yesterday we had a huge storm and lost power for most of the day, so I indulged myself by reading a Christmas book from my shelf - Bring Me Home For Christmas by Robyn Carr and it was sooo good. Then last night the girls and I did a whole mess of Christmas baking. There will be lots of choices for dessert tonight when my niece and her husband are here for dinner. Tomorrow I have a coffee date in the morning but otherwise the weekend is free - so I am thinking lots of Christmas movies and down time. The eldest's concert last night was cancelled because of the power outage, so we still have 2 more concerts to go next week before we can really let down our hair and relax for Christmas.

I had my hair cut this morning, which means I had some time while my *coughgreycoveragecough* was setting to start my next book - in keeping with Christmas stories I'm reading A Chesapeake Shores Christmas by Sherryl Woods - trying to get caught up with this series and I also have An O'Brien Family Christmas by Sherryl on my TBR to help that along.

A couple of work-y type things - don't forget to visit because our recipes and giveaways are still ongoing and as far as I know it all ends a week from today.

And starting Monday I'm teaching Blasting Through Blah hosted by the Passionate Ink RWA chapter. You can still register!

See you Monday!

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  1. I've just downloaded HIRED BY THE COWBOY to add to my Christmas travel reading. A nice treat to find it as a freebie, thanks. Your week is busier than ours, but we no longer have children at home with all the associated concerts and extra activities. But at this time of year everyone's schedule sounds a bit similar: baking, finishing the decorating and shopping... oh, and I had my hair cut and permed last week (I've given up on covering the grey!). Combined with our church choir's upcoming cantata and a couple evenings of church caroling in the care homes, it's a good kind of busyness. I hope the rest of your Christmastime is blessed with many precious moments as you uncover again the meaning behind it all.