Friday, December 02, 2011

Brag Board and Hodge Podge

There is nothing that makes me any happier than celebrating the achievements of my kids. I'm always proud, of course, but the last few weeks has seem my youngest really excel at something new. She's done such a great job and amazed a lot of people. She started playing flute in September and is doing so well that she's playing a fairly complicated solo with the school choir at their concert next week, as well as having a part in the school drama and doing another flute solo with one of the classes. Last night she had her concert with the district Honour Choir - they sounded beautiful.

I think that every kid has a "thing". For some it's sports, for some it's music, whatever...but finding that interest and talent is great. She's blossomed so much this year and it's been lovely to watch.

Hodge-podge wise - after months of losing a few pounds, putting it back, losing, putting it back...last Friday I was exactly where I was before I left for New York last June. Sigh. I knew I had to get strict, so a week ago today I decided to go "cleaner" with my eating (as I'd remained active but hadn't lost any more). I cut out caffeine and wine, and had green tea 3 evenings and last night I had 1 cup of black tea - my first all week. The withdrawal headaches lasted for nearly 4 days, but I'll confess I've been sleeping so much better! I also cut back on dairy - very little cheese (I think I had it once all week, beyond a sprinkle of parmesan on my salad one night) and mostly greek yogurt. And I cut back on gluten, some days having none at all, or if I did it was only at one meal. It really was not a difficult week despite the cut backs - I ate a LOT of fruit and vegetables and lean protein and drank a lot of water. Today I was down 4.4 lbs - in ONE WEEK. Tell me I wasn't hanging on to some goo?

I'm out of eggs, so this morning I made quinoa for the first time and put apples and cinnamon in it. It was okay. Not something I'd want to eat every day, but a decent gluten-free substitute for porridge that's high in protein.

And before I dash off - today is crazy busy - today's author at the Harlequin Romance Author website is Lucy Gordon - with a taste of Italy courtesy of her husband and a holiday book to give away. Pop by.

Have a good weekend! I've heard a rumour that one or both of my sisters may land here this weekend, though no one's really let me know either way...

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