Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Preview of my life for the next 6 years

This week - well, and to be honest, last - has been crazy on the kid front, and I don't even have the girls in anything overly crazy. I realized last night, as I went to pick up my daughter at 8:15, that this is a preview of my life for the next 6 years - or at least until they're both driving (and that's a whole other level of OMG - the idea of them taking the car and driving themselves!).

Monday required some juggling as the youngest had to be driven to choir (our other arrangements fell through) and then I left there to go to my eldest's game. We got home within 20 min of each other.

Yesterday I had to pick up youngest after drama and drop her at a neighbours for a twice-weekly after school job. Then after supper, eldest had a short babysitting job and so I drove back and forth to that (since the kids she was babysitting were already in bed). This morning she had to be at school early for practice, it's a half day because of Parent-Teacher, so I have 2 interviews this afternoon in addition to youngest having her job after school and eldest working the book fair at her school during interviews.

Tomorrow? Drama pick up, eldest has badminton in the evening.

It requires a certain amount of juggling and, well, gas. BUT there are so many good things about it. It's good for them to be involved in music and sports - there are important lessons to be learned, and it's far more beneficial than coming home and plunking down in front of the television. We try to keep commitments to one per term with the odd extra here and there, to allow for enough homework time and sleep. They still go to bed pretty early, actually.

It's good for them to have little jobs too, to earn their own money, decide what they want to spend it on, and to know that when it's gone I'm not filling the gap.

And it's good for them to do some things for no pay at all - the eldest is volunteering her time this afternoon and that's cool.  Sometimes you do things to help people out and do the right thing, with no expectation of money crossing palms. It's not a bad way to view things once in a while, IMO.

So I'll grouse and complain about running here and there, but really I'm proud of who they are turning out to be and if a little running back and forth is my's not that big of a deal.

Now I'm off to make some word count - after all, another 2 1/2 hours and the first one will be home and I'll have to put on my mom face for parent teacher!

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  1. Phew, life sure is busy as a mum! Not to mention all the other commitments we commit too. Well done. I feel like i'm constantly juggling time for the kids things, then need to remember my stuff!