Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Musings

Here we are back at Monday again - and I'm just about ready to kick off my first #1k1hr to get some word count done. But first a few things to share - I heard from my awesome editor at Samhain and the second novella in the First Responders series is a go - so IN THE LINE OF DUTY will be out sometime in 2012. :-) It's a follow up to OFF THE CLOCK and now I just need to write the final installment, INTO THE FIRE. :-) 

And yesterday was our RWA chapter potluck. As always there was tons of food, a lot of loud conversation and a cutthroat book draw at the end of the afternoon. I drew number 17 which meant I had my pick of a lot of books already opened. I came home with the new Robyn Carr holiday book and a Debbie Macomber I hadn't read yet, so I've got more good reading ahead!

Michelle Helliwell, Annette Gallant, me, Kelly Boyce
And it was also the last function for the current executive. It's been a fantastic year - I couldn't have asked for a better group to work with. All easy going, no hardly felt like work at all.  The chapter was really active this past year AND we hosted a weekend editor event that pretty much turned out awesome. Now after two years of VP I've stepped aside but I'll confess I'm going to miss chatting to these three on the exec loop.

Kelly Boyce and Michelle Helliwell were new to the exec last year but Annette and I did Prez and Veep 2 years together and I think I'm going to miss her the most.

Thanks for a great year, you guys.


  1. It was fun, but I'm happy to let someone else take it over next year! Five years on the exec in the past 8 is enough for me!

  2. Thanks Exec! You ladies did a super job, and it's very much appreciated.