Friday, November 18, 2011

How did it get to be Friday?

How did it get to be FRIDAY already? It was a short week here with the kids off school, I guess, and there was a volleyball game in there, a practice, 2 days of drama, grocery shopping, badminton club, study dates and me teaching a course as well as writing so I guess I managed to fill the time without too much trouble. I'm doing a work "blitz" this morning because my niece and her husband are coming for dinner tonight and I need to do SOMETHING with this house. Being gone all weekend last weekend meant it didn't get a good cleaning as usual, so as soon as I make my 2000 words, I'm getting out the vacuum and duster.

It was snowing this morning! The blue sky is peeking through now, but there's NOTHING like a dusting of snow to perk up a writer working on a Christmas story, or to make a school bus late. Nearly 20 minutes late, and the same bus picks up my eldest during the next run so I drove her to school so she'd be on time and took a couple of her friends with. It's bloody chilly outside, so I poured a second cup of coffee, with Dulce de Leche creamer in it. It's a good Friday.

And once the house is cleaned up it's "nephew-in-law" can eat like a horse (where he puts it, I don't know, he's a bean pole!) so we've got a ginormous package of ribs we're going to grill. My husband usually does them but I'm on the "pre-boil" detail. We sometimes add beer to the water, and usually some garlic and seasonings. Once they're boiled, the dh puts them on the grill and uses his favourite bbq sauce - President's Choice Stampede Barbeque. The secret is to not scrimp on the sauce. Messy and delicious. I expect I'll make a big pot of rice and some salad etc. to go with it. And I should probably make a dessert. What I'll probably do is get the girls to bake something when they come home from school. They love to cook. Wish they loved to clean up the dirty dishes as much, but alas...not.

Anyway have a good's our RWA chapter potluck on Sunday which is always a fun time!

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  1. Snow. The very idea sends a shiver down my spine. We really don't want a repeat of the last two years when we were snowed in!